A: BookmeriLab is a platform to book lab tests online and it also provide Discount for all your Diagnostic needs like: Blood Tests, ECG, X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT-Scan, Health Packages etc.

A: You do not need to pay for these Benefits.Bookmerilab services are totally Free for its users.

A: BookmeriLab give convenience to access authentic information about labs be it Pricing, Lab Timings, Address of the lab, Distance from your home. Moreover, you can schedule Home Sample Collection without having call to the labs. BookmeriLab also provide great Discount to the patient who book Tests at the labs through its platform.

A: The Quality of the results/ reports is same as provided to the other customers by the respective labs. Infact, in most cases services extended to BookmeriLab’s Patients is better due to our continued relationship with the labs.

A: Though, Reports in general are responsibility of the respective lab and patient needs to coordinate with the concerned lab.However, we are by your side till you are adequetly serviced and just a call away .In case of any delay of report because of unavoidable circumstances, BookmeriLab shall make best efforts to provide the report via. E-Mail or whatsapp.

A: Bookmerilab has been able to offer discount because of the following reasons:

1: Bookmerilab enable the lab to market their services and present all the information in a coherent way, thus reducing their own marketing expenditure. this saving is passed onto Bookmerilab customers.

2: Bookmerilab provides large number of patient to the labs thus help in reducing cost and negotiate a better price on behalf of patients.

3: In some section, there is malpractices of commission which led to increase in cost. Labs need not to offer any commission for bookmerilab's patient and this is passed onto patients in the form of discount.